After the huge crash of Guanyu Zhou in Formula 1, netizens in shock

This afternoon took place the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the Silverstone track in Great Britain, an edition once again marred by a spectacular accident.

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If the sky was at least very overcast on the Silverstone circuit, located in the United Kingdom, the 10th Grand Prix of Formula 1 season nevertheless took its place on the starting line. But as everyone sets off, scrutinizing in particular the performance of the Redbull drivers, well ahead since the start of the season, an impressive accident came to ruin everything.

A spectacular crash

Intervened at 4:06 p.m., the accident involves Guanyu Zhou, the Chinese driver of Alfa Romeo. At the start of the race, the action goes very quickly since we very quickly see his car being caught from behind, before coming to crash heavily against the barrier of tires on the edge of the bitumen, and ending up completely overturned. This spectacular streak also put several other competitors out of action, including Russel (Mercedes), Albon (Williams), Ocon (Alpine) and therefore Zhou with his Alfa Romeo. Tsunoda meanwhile attempted a return to the pits in pain, while his vehicle is in a difficult physical condition to try to return to the race. It’s not the first time that Formula 1 is full of accidents like this, and several races have unfortunately seen experienced pilots die. Dramas that mark both runners and viewers. It should also be noted that before the starting signal, demonstrators entered the track, causing some delays.

Internet users in shock

Kicking off at 4 p.m., the 10th Grand Prix of the season saw this crash occur just minutes after the start. A spectacular crash, which gave rise to a lot of concern on social networks. But rest assured Formula 1 fans, Guanyu Zhou is fine. It was the cockpit of his vehicle that allowed him to protect himself from damage. According to the images released, it seems that it is the pilot Pierre Galsy who is at the origin of the accident since the latter wanted to overtake two of his competitors (including Zhou) by passing in the middle, not seeing one of his competitors, Georges Russel, who falls back on the left. He then hooks it, creating a snowball effect, and sending the Chinese pilot who was on the right into the air. More fear than harm then.

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