After the macabre discovery: Freezer box with dead cats to be removed

It was on Tuesday that SVT was the first to report that dead and maimed cats were scattered in a room in Asarum.

The premises have been used as an intermediate storage place for animals that have been killed in traffic, so that cat owners can take care of pets that have died. There they have been stored in a freezer.

But now the municipality announces that they are working to get the freezer removed as soon as possible.

– We will first and foremost try to find out when a cat was last put in that freezer. Then we will see if there is any identity marking on the cats. After that, if it is not possible to trace to any owner, they will be sent for incineration, says Linnéa Persson, acting unit manager for operation and maintenance.

She can not answer how long the cats have been in the freezer.

– We do not have an exact year, but it is a couple of years in any case. What I can say is that this is not something we have started with recently.

Police report closed

On Tuesday, the municipality made a police report of the incident, but it has been closed, reports BLT.

The reason is that there are no witnesses and there is no film of the person who entered the room, according to the newspaper.

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