After the marathon explorations, parties will discuss how to proceed

“A Herculean Task” The triple soundings will begin in Berlin on Monday

Berlin faces a week of decisions. Nice The exploratory talks on the possible formation of a government will take place on Monday afternoon Further. The SPD has invited the Greens and FDP to the Kurt-Schumacher-Haus, the seat of the regional association, as the party announced on Sunday. The parties want each other for the meeting take five hours. On Tuesday morning, the SPD, Greens and Left come together.

So far, the SPD, the Greens, the CDU, the Left and the FDP had explored commonalities and differences with regard to a possible coalition in two-party formats. On Friday, the SPD and the Greens surprisingly announced to continue probing in parallel in two rounds of three. A preliminary decision for the next coalition has thus been postponed.

However, the SPD state chairwoman and designated governing mayor Franziska Giffey has announced that complete the explorations by mid-October and then wanting to begin coalition negotiations – that is, the parties remain just a week to get it done.

The fact that this did not succeed by Friday is mainly due to the different evaluations of the alternatives by the SPD and the Greens: Giffey said on Friday that Social Democrats have a preference for the traffic light coalition made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP. The Greens still hold that previous coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the Left for the better choice.

The Berlin political scientist Stephan Bröchler is skeptical whether an agreement in a few days is realistic: The soundings are about a directional decision and very different policy drafts. “Can you do that within a week? That’s one Herculean task, and I’m curious to see whether that will work, ”said Bröchler, who teaches at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR), of the German Press Agency.

“What is not enough, at least, is tolerance within the government,” said Bröchler. “It there must be common programmatic intersections, there has to be an agreement on the content and the parties have to keep their core identity. “

But Bröchler is also skeptical in other respects: It is unusual that Giffey wants to negotiate with two groups of three, but on the other hand mentions a preference for one of them. “Would have been expected Open-ended negotiations with the FDP and the Left. So of course she did one party given a clear advantage and shown to the Greens that is what we want and we are the stronger party, ”explained the political scientist.

“That is a conflicted waythat she has hit. ”Even within the SPD, several not entirely unimportant voices such as the Jusos, but also the Bundestag member Kevin Kühnert pronounced for red-green-red. “It will certainly not be easy to pull this line through.” (Dpa)

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