After the police warning – great commitment to night walking in Mjölby

This is stated by Roger Max, security coordinator in Mjölby municipality, in a comment on the municipality’s website.

Many volunteers have signed up for the newly started association for night walking, he says. On two occasions, the municipality has invited the public to discuss preventive work among young people and up to 40 people have come.

– At the meetings, many questions have been asked and criticisms have also been made, says Roger Max, security coordinator. We think there have been good discussions. There is a great deal of parental involvement, which is very important for our young people!

The desire for another leisure center is one of the things that came up during the meetings where, among other things, the police, security coordinators, representatives from individual and family care and the reception MiniMaria participated.

SVT Nyheter Öst has previously told about the situation in Mjölby, hear more in the clip below:

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Security coordinator Roger Max confirms the police picture but believes that the recent incidents do not give the whole picture. Photo: from the police’s Facebook & Mimmi Moberg/SVT

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