After the riots: Rasmus Paludan back in Stockholm for election meeting

– For tactical reasons, I can not go into how we will work. But we bring with us experiences from previous public gatherings into this work today, says Anna Westberg, the police’s spokesperson.

Violent riots broke out in several cities during the Easter weekend after Tight course leader Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran in Jönköping. Now the party is returning to Stockholm.

– We have a special concept that we work according to and it is very much about us working with conflict reduction principles. We work a lot with dialogue and communication, partly with the organizer both the municipality and other actors in society as well as religious communities, says Westberg.

Two arrested in Uppsala

Earlier on Saturday, Paludan had an election meeting in Uppsala. According to the police it went largely calmly but there were some disturbances. In the afternoon, two people were arrested in connection with the election meeting, one is suspected of preparing for aggravated assault by throwing stones, and the other person is suspected of violence against an official and threats against an official.

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