After the triple murder in Angers, the father of one of the victims between sadness and anger

On the night of July 15 to 16, three young people were fatally stabbed by an alcoholic man. Two months later, the father of one of the victims tries to rebuild himself.

Two months after Manuolito’s death, his father, Petelo Automalo, “is trying to move on”. His son was stabbed in the center of Angers on the night of July 15 to 16. He was spending the evening with friends when young women were sexually assaulted by a heavily alcoholic man.

Repelled at first by Manuolito and his friends, the man returned to the charge, trying to “touch the breasts of one of their friends and put the knife to her throat”, according to the testimony of a woman present. the evening of the drama, collected by The Western Mail.

One of the boys chimed in: “He told the abuser he had no right to do this. He told him to get off. But the guy wouldn’t leave” and eventually carried fatal stab wounds to 16-year-old Ishmael, 18-year-old Manuolito and 20-year-old Atama.

“Completely lost”

That night, Petelo Automalo is awakened at 3am by his cousin who informs him of the tragedy. He went to the emergency room where two other victims, injured in the altercation, were transported. His son is not one of them. “I was completely lost,” he recalls to West France. “We waited until 5 a.m. to get information from the police” and to understand that Manuolito was actually one of the victims who died on the spot.

“If I hadn’t had my family behind, my wife, my children, I was leaving with my son”, breathes this devastated father.

Since then, Petelo Automalo has been trying to get up: “I got back to work very quickly, to be able to hold on, to clear my head. But often the same questions come up: why does this happen to us? We don’t prepare to live such a drama…”, he explains in this exclusive testimony published by our colleagues.

Avoid further drama

Filled with sadness and anger, this father shares his incomprehension:

“How can such tragedies occur in Angers? What can still happen if nothing is done at the political and judicial level to avoid a new tragedy? “

After the attack, the suspect, a 32-year-old Sudanese political refugee, was charged and remanded in custody on charges of “aggravated murder by the commission of one or more other crimes”, “attempted aggravated murder”. and “sexual assault”. “During his police custody as before the investigating magistrate, he did not provide any real explanations for his actions, simply stating that he had no memory of them because of his alcoholism”, had specified the prosecutor of the Republic after his hearing.

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