After their recent separation, they link Floppy Tesouro with an Argentine actor

Everything was going on rails when, during the pandemic, he decided to go looking for love in Miami, where a young man lived whom he had met through the networks. But, that romance came to an end and now Floppy Treasure decided to separate.

However, as some media mention, the model and driver would not be alone. Although she did not confirm or deny any of the versions, they linked Floppy Treasure with an Argentine actor, with whom he was very close in recent months.

Floppy had a relationship during the pandemic.

“She is positive, she likes to be in a couple, so this is a bit like another damage to the soul, but she will get over it,” they added in “Intruders” about the sentimental present of Floppy Treasure. And the one who also came out to speak was the actor with whom she was related.

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