After Werder star’s goal lull: Marvin Ducksch complains about critics

Marvin Ducksch didn’t score for Werder Bremen on Saturday either. Image: IMAGO images/Nordphoto

Carla Hermel

Werder Bremen has been back in the first division since this season. As it did 40 years ago, the team quickly fought its way back up, where it now has to gain a foothold again. They have won four of seven Bundesliga games since then, which puts them in tenth place in the table. The fans seem happy with that, but one player’s performance catches everyone’s eye.

Torgarant from Werder Bremen does not score goals

Werder’s previous top striker Marvin Ducksch has not scored a single goal this season, in seven appearances. After the missed penalty against Augsburg and the draw against Bayer Leverkusen, the center forward now commented on his situation – and defended himself.

After the game against Leverkusen, Marvin Ducksch was confronted by the journalists with his goal rate. Asked about the lack of goals, he replied that his assists would go unnoticed, probably referring to his involvement in Miloš Veljković’s equalizer that day. Officially, the offensive star has three assists so far.

“From the outside, the templates are not seen at all!”

Marvin Ducksch

He further explained that strikers would only ever be measured by their goals. Marvin Ducksch also emphasized that he helps the team with the work backwards and with templates and initiates attacks. With regard to his goal shot statistics, he also doubts “that all of them were clear chances to score”.

Ducksch justifies another game with a change to the first division

The center forward explained that the switch from the second division to the Bundesliga was also responsible for his different style of play. Here the team has to adapt more to the opponents, which means that he sometimes plays more defensively.

“In the premier league we have to adapt more to our opponents. That’s why the game is different and I’m sometimes more defensive.”

However, Ducksch made it clear that he wanted to help the team. Nevertheless, the center forward admitted that the criticism sometimes bothered him. However, he is confident that things will improve soon, which is why he is by no means giving up.

Marvin Ducksch (right) is also required more on the defensive in the Bundesliga.

Marvin Ducksch (right) is also required more on the defensive in the Bundesliga. Image: / imago images

“It doesn’t leave me without a trace. But at some point the knot will burst. I continue to work hard in training every day and don’t let my head hang.”

on Instagram Werder fans have had mixed reactions to the performance of their actual top striker. For example, 56 people liked the comment “Gutes Spiel von Ducksch” under the Bremen post about the last game.

However, the answers also included users who could only laugh at this praise. Some fans also argued with missed opportunities and advised the center forward to take a break. Others saw that Ducksch ran a lot and also played good passes.


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