After Xiaomi’s 120W recharge, get ready for Realme’s 125W recharge

Briefly at the top of the ranking of smartphones that charge the fastest, Realme does not intend to leave Xiaomi in first place for too long. In an interview with GSMArena, Madhav Sheth, the CEO of the company, announces his intention to market a charger with a power of 125W as early as next year, which would break Xiaomi’s record of 120W. This technology, nicknamed UltraDART in opposition to the current SuperDART, could allow you to fully charge your smartphone in just a few minutes.

33% in 3 minutes

This is not the first time that Realme has talked about its UltraDART technology which, in reality, is surely identical to Oppo’s Flash Charge technology. The two manufacturers belong to the same group and historically Oppo has always shared its technologies with Realme. We can therefore imagine that this announcement precedes that of Oppo which, with its future Find X4 range, could also switch to 125W.

According to Realme, a 4000 mAh battery would recharge in record time with its super charger. The company talks about 33% in 3 minutes, which would change even more the way you recharge your smartphone (forget about long recharges all night long, you will only have to plug it in from time to time). It is impossible to compare this promise to that of Xiaomi, the manufacturer uses a larger 5000 mAh battery and recharges it in 21 minutes. Realme’s record is 25 minutes for a 4300 mAh battery, with a 65W charger.

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Of course, many questions cross our mind. At Xiaomi, we noticed that the charging makes the smartphone heat up abnormally, which creates some irregularities from one charge to another. Is there not a risk in the long term? Answer in a few months.

Source : GSMArena

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