After YouTube, Maxence unveils the album "Everything is too beautiful": "Before, I didn’t think I was legitimate"

After having acquired a certain notoriety on the web with humorous videos, Maxence finally realizes his musical ambitions. A project that has always been dormant in him, as he explained to

They are 1.9 million to know him on YouTube, and almost as many on Instagram. In eight years, Maxenss has acquired a great digital notoriety by chaining antics. This Friday, he gets rid of this double “s” to definitely become Maxence, singer, by unveiling a first album entitled Everything is too beautiful (3rd office). A pretty pop disc with often 80’s accents, carried by romantic lyrics and on edge.

We could, by studying the file from a little too far, place Maxence in the ever-growing file of YouTubers who are launching into the song: Squeezie and Michou opened the ball last year with very rap projects, followed by Seb La Frite, who is releasing a project this Friday. But the music is not a consequence of Maxence’s success on the Web: it has been there since his childhood in Nîmes, hidden behind a screen of humor erected out of shyness.

He studied guitar, saxophone and drums, started the metal band Fysh out of high school, toured with the VSO band in 2017. After his solo EP @+, released in 2019, he unveiled last month the first single from his album, Summer scent, chronicle of a summer romantic encounter, dressed in a slightly crazy clip – just like its interpreter.

A few days before the release of this first disc, the 26-year-old artist landed with for a breakfast in a hotel in Saint-Ouen. He looked back on his career, his near-surprise success on the Web, his musical projects that he put off for so long, and the way he finally broke down his own barriers to become a singer.

You made yourself known on YouTube before you started singing; how did you start the videos almost ten years ago?

“I had a little foot in music thanks to my band, and YouTube was something I did alongside, every once in a while, when I had a little idea that I found funny. posting videos inadvertently, like some playing basketball or soccer. And it took. “

And during all that period, did you plan to get into music seriously?

“I wrote texts, because I needed them, and I kept them in a corner. I didn’t really know what to do with them. Every time I gave up, I told myself that it wasn’t going to interest anyone and that I might as well keep them to myself. “

Even in your jokes, music has always been present: you started on the web by making “song massacres”, videos where you covered pop hits while singing them badly. This concept allowed you to get a little buzz in 2017 on the Incredible talent stage. You then released some humorous music videos. When did the click happen?

“I often wore a mask, I struggled to assume 100%. I wanted to sing, but I started singing out of tune. I think I didn’t think I was legitimate, that I didn’t Didn’t have the level. Parodying, seeing that people liked it, that some even managed to capture musicality, it helped me gain self-confidence and tell myself that I was going to be able to start assuming things much more personal. The objective was above all to manage to finally dare to put my texts to music, before making a profession of it. I do the basics of the melody and the producer friends flesh them out, or else he compose and put my lyrics there. Music is what makes me happy and helps me calm demons. “

Which demons do you need to calm down?

“It happens a lot of times that I don’t really appreciate… er… (he pauses, before letting out with a laugh) what I am, and life. Everyone finds their way to escape. mine is writing songs and singing them on stage. “

The lyrics of your first album are often romantic, sometimes cryptic and introspective. In particular on the title Averse …

“I like to use metaphors throughout an entire song. The Adverse is my hypersensitivity. I say that she is with me at all times. Several times I have experienced it as a real storm, and I wanted to go “extinguish myself in the lightning.” But I finally accepted it, and too bad: I live in the rain, in puddles. “

Is it this hypersensitivity that makes you play music?

“Clearly. It’s always difficult to talk about that, it’s complicated to define this hypersensitivity. Either it sounds boastful, or we say to ourselves that everyone is. Me, I lived it badly: I felt different, excluded, I had the impression of not reacting to things like everyone else, I can cry for nothing … But this hypersensitivity, I have it as much in the downpour as in the moments of joy, where I am euphoric. That’s what I wanted to say with the title ‘Everything is too beautiful’. Everything is beautiful in the positive as in the negative, and you have to accept these things. moments when I was really bad that I started to write. I think that is what inspires me, and since a few years I have started to feel that it is a force: it helps me to do things that I’m proud of, and that can potentially be appreciated by people. “

Speaking of audiences, you’ve just completed a mini-tour to defend Tout est trop beau. How did you feel?

“It was great. The album hadn’t come out yet but even without knowing the songs, the audience sang the second chorus after hearing the first one, they were super excited, and overall I got a very warm reception. positive on the album, it gives me great pleasure. Myself, it gave me confidence on the project, I feel better and better on stage, I feel that the people with whom I collaborate are satisfied, c ‘is very positive for the future. Above all, finding the public after this bizarre life that we had, it was something. It is very moving to go back to a room, to smell the sweat, to see so many people . My best compliment is when someone comes to me at the end of a concert and to tell me that my music has helped them. I experienced it when I was a teenager, the fact of listening groups and to have the impression of a breath of fresh air at a time when we are doing badly. It touches me to a point not possible, and I tell myself that my job is too good . For that alone, it’s worth it, even if it’s five people telling me. “

You released your first album with over a million subscribers on YouTube. Is it reassuring, or are you afraid to confuse them?

“It’s a mixture of the two. It’s an incredible chance, because there are already people who follow me and who will be interested in what I’m doing. And at the same time it’s scary, because the majority of people do not follow me for the music. It’s disturbing, this figure: if you arrive on my Instagram and you see a million subscribers, you will think that I am a singer who weighs. it’s not a million people listening to me. It’s impossible to quantify: there are people who have followed me for Incredible talent, and who are not interested. It should not be taken for granted. everything remains super positive, because it brings a lot of people to listen to my music.

Maxence will be in concert at the Café de la Danse, in Paris, on February 11 and 12, 2022.

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