Aftermath of the mega leaks to GTA 6 is already in full swing

The recent leak of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 6 will most likely have far-reaching consequences. Of course, it is quite difficult to assess this exactly, but our best example is probably the leak to Valve’s Half Life 2. The title was actually supposed to appear a whole year earlier, but a hacker got access to Valve’s network and did all sorts of things there files from the dust. This also included the source code for Half Life 2, which is why Valve had to move the title.

Rockstar Games and Take Two are taking action against the GTA 6 leak

At the time, there were also some who felt that the attack was just a good excuse as the title couldn’t have made it’s original release date. What is certain, however, is that employees at Valve and Gabe Newell himself had a very stressful few days and weeks ahead of them. Rockstar Games and Publisher Take Two are probably doing something similar at the moment. The latter immediately began pulling the various YouTube videos about the leak out of circulation.

Rockstar itself released a statement on the leak just a few hours ago, confirming that “an unauthorized third party accessed and downloaded confidential information on the system.” The company further states that they do not currently expect any disruption to their live service games or any long-term impact on ongoing projects.

Despite this, Rockstar employees must of course take care of this vulnerability so that such an incident cannot occur again in the future. Additionally, the source code of GTA 5 was allegedly put up for sale. However, these were different people who gave the name Tea Pot used to take advantage of the situation. The actual hacker allegedly wanted to contact Rockstar to negotiate a deal, but at the same time sell the GTA 5 source code. Popped up on Twitter numerous new accounts, the the Offered source code for sale. Some even shared a bitcoin wallet. Supposedly found here a $100,000 transaction took placebut this was not the actual hacker’s Bitcoin wallet.

Another Twitter user pretended to be a Rockstar employee and contacted the hacker. Here, Tea Pot claimed he had the source code for both GTA 5 and GTA 6 (buy now €19.99) and demanded a price for the stolen data. Whether the source code for GTA 6 is really among the stolen files is questionable. Since Rockstar Games emphasized in their statement that they do not expect any disruption in the development of GTA 6, it is quite unlikely that the source code of their game was stolen from them.

As VGC reports. the GTA Forums and the GTA subreddit were also affected. The latter was taken offline for a short time and all posts about the leaks were removed. Now that’s possible reach subreddit againHowever, content related to the leaks may no longer be shared in order to protect the subreddit.

A GTA Forums moderator explained towards Kotaku, that they were contacted by Take Two’s lawyers and had to remove all copyrighted content. Additionally is the threadin which the leak was originally shared, has now been blocked and all links and the like have been removed.

Tea Pot’s Telegram account has also probably been deleted in the meantime, according to Tom Henderson this could have happened, since Teapotuberhacker’s location became known. It is difficult to assess how the situation will develop in the following days. The hacker himself is probably still looking for offers for the source code of GTA 5, and only accepts five-digit amounts here. It is currently quite unlikely that the source code of GTA 6 was also stolen, but the developers have now been denied the opportunity to present their work in a real trailer.

Take Two has Although steps have already been taken to get the situation under control, but removing all the leaked videos and images from the internet will prove to be quite difficult. Whether Rockstar Games the hacker just like Valve can lure with a job offer, remains to be seen.

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