Against vandalism in Gisingen

The converted club bar has a long tradition.
© Tay Hagen

The Gisingen leisure club has been fighting against vandals for months.

GISINGEN The clubhouse of the Gisinger Freizeitverein is special: a railway wagon that has not been in use for many years. In 1978 the community was founded from the Catholic youth and has ten members. “When we founded the association, we needed a bar,” explains Manfred Himmer. They were initially stationed temporarily at Sebastianplatz and in a youth hostel. At some point the idea came up to set up a wagon. Such a wagon was then found in Innsbruck, which was for sale around 20 years ago. Cost point: the weight in schillings, i.e. 15,000 schillings (around 1,090 euros today). When the association had received approval from the city, the association set the course for the transport. “A low-loader brought the wagon to Rankweil because it was only allowed to drive certain stretches,” explains Himmer. A special permit from the police was obtained for the transfer. “The car could then be brought into its final position with two large forklifts,” recalls Himmer. Then the interior was expanded and the facade was sanded again. “The slices individually cost a ‘pig’s money’.”

“We have been battling vandalism for years, but for some time now we have had ongoing problems with our club,” the Tostner mayor said, concerned. Graffiti, torn chimney hats, smashed windows … “There’s nothing inside that someone can get rich with. A few lemonades were stolen, among other things. ”The exterior was completely repainted and patched last year. These repairs cost around 2,500 euros. The tin shutters were also installed. “We have already considered setting up a camera or filing charges against ‘unknowns’.” The association asks that you report useful information. “A vandal was caught a few years ago. It was about a young person who then showed insight and had to do social work on the building yard. ”TAY

Notes to Manfred Himmer:

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