Agustín Bouzat is not even there to rest and trains with everything for the classic with Universidad Católica

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Argentine striker Agustín Bouzat does not take the rest due to the national holidays lightly and trains in the middle of his mini vacations with his mind set on the classic with Universidad Católica.

© Guillermo Salazar / CaptureBouzat is not even there to rest and trains with everything for the classic.

colo colo continues to enjoy some days of rest as a result of the national holidays. The Cacique will return to training in the coming days thinking about the match they will have the following weekend against the Catholic Universityin one of the games where there is the possibility that the white team can claim champion.

Instance in which the Argentine striker Agustín Bouzat is not even there to be resting completely and prepares himself for the next challenge of Colo Colo in the National Championship. It is that the soccer player in the middle of these free days, has been preparing himself in the physical part to arrive in the best possible way to the match on October 2.

It was through his social networks where the attacker shared some videos of the training he had with his personal coach, which showed the intensity of the work he was doing this morning.

Even in one of the videos that the soccer player replied, he shared the strength with which he has been working, pointing out that it was better not to show how he finished the exercise, taking the work to be considered with humor.

The Colo Colo players will have to appear in the next few days at the Monumental Stadium to start the preparatory work for the duel against the Crusaders, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 2, starting at 3:00 p.m.

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