Agustín Rossi, on the opposition in the elections: “If they win, they will come for all the rights”

The former Minister of Defense, Agustin Rossistated that if the opposition wins the next presidential election in 2023, “go a come for everyone the Rights” that Peronism achieved, such as “working rights, paid vacations, Christmas bonus”. In this way, it was expressed in the framework of the first regional meeting of the National Current of the Militancy of the Front of All, held in the ATSA (Association of Argentine Health Workers).

The politician Agustin Rossi He pointed out the importance of having political responsibility and defending the national government, given that “what is at stake in the next elections are the achievements of the last 70 years of Peronism.” Likewise, he expressed: “The right is going to raise what it says in private. In other words, it is going to be put into play if Peronism did Argentina good or bad”.

The former Minister of Defense, Agustín Rossi.

Notably Agustin Rossi He was accompanied at the ceremony by officials and political figures, such as the president of the ruling coalition block in Deputies, Germán Martínez; the deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz and the vice president of the Central Bank, Sergio Woyecheszen.

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