AIA Grand Rapids Awards 2022: an Algerian stands out in the USA

Algeria is full of talent. While some have chosen to stay on the national territory to benefit their country, others opt for immigration to continue their studies abroad and build their careers. One thing is certain, as we have already seen on several occasions, many Algerians manage to distinguish themselves in international competitions.

In the same vein, the American Institute of Architects, in partnership with the University of Grand Rapids, in the USA, celebrated, at the end of last October, the presentation of the honorary prizes for its annual program. A program that aims to promote the value of the best designs and encourages the pursuit of excellence in architecture.

For its 2022 edition, the AIA Grand Rapids awarded several prizes to highlight the talent of several architects. Among the latter is a woman of Algerian origin who managed to distinguish herself thanks to her project.

An Algerian stands out at the AIA Grand Rapids Awards 2022

This is Imane Hocini, a young Algerian woman who succeeded in winning the student project prize during this ceremony for the design of a museum with eco-responsible and sustainable concrete. And this, at the level of Lowell of Michigan.

Indeed, this young Algerian woman has succeeded in meeting the challenge of combining a material that is the least respectful of the environment, in particular concrete, with the creation of this eco-responsible museum. With sustainability in mind, Imane Hocini has taken an approach to designing a project that utilizes the eco-friendly qualities of concrete.

And this, while reducing its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. All this thanks to a reduction in quantities, the recycling of local materials. But also, looking for other more durable materials.

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