Air Algérie: towards the opening of 15 new lines

As part of the cooperation between Algeria and Qatar and in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Air Algérie inaugurated its first flight linking Algiers and Doha last Wednesday evening. Indeed, during this ceremony, were present, the general manager of the company, the secretary general of the minister of transport as well as the ambassador of Qatar in Algeria.

As a reminder, the national airline announced the strengthening of its program at the beginning of last July. And this, thanks to the opening of the direct line linking the airport of Algiers to that of Doha at the rate of two flights per week. To provide service to the Qatari capital, Air Algérie has made its AirBus 330 available to its customers, which has a total of 251 seats.

Air Algérie plans to open 15 new airlines by 2025

In addition, Benslimane the CEO of Air Algérie affirmed that this line is part of the development plans of the company which carries until 2025. Indeed, this same official indicated, during the ceremony of inauguration, that the Algiers – Doha road is the 45th line of the Air Algerie program.

In addition, Benslimane shared some of the company’s objectives, in particular those relating to the latter’s desire to serve 60 destinations by 2025. According to him, the national air carrier plans to launch 15 new routes to Africa, Europe, Asia and South America.

Among the lines envisaged to serve this last destination, we find the Algeria – Venezuela route. Indeed, last June, and during the visit of the president of this country. The Algerian Head of State, Abdelmadjid Tebboune shared the news concerning the creation of a direct line between the two countries. The latter will connect the Houari Boumediene airport to that of Caracas.

However, since this announcement, the national airline maintains its silence on this subject, unlike its Venezuelan counterpart. Conviasawhich has already started its flight program between its two destinations, on July 27th.

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