Air travel: the boss of Aéroport de Paris calls for moderation

“We will have to invite people to be more reasonable in air travel” until air transport has completed its decarbonization process, warned Monday the CEO of Aéroports de Paris (ADP) Augustin de Romanet.

“I think you have to be as reasonable as possible in your behavior for the transition period which will last 20 or 30 years”assured Augustin de Romanet on BFM Business.

According to him, “before we have – which will be the case in 30 years – airplanes powered either by electricity, or by hydrogen, or by sustainable fuels made from green electricity”it will be necessary to show moderation with regard to the use of the plane.

“If tomorrow morning the air traffic were to decrease, it is not an existential tragedy for us”he assured, specifying that the provision of a quality reception was the priority of a group like ADP.

“Air transport is extremely virtuous”

However, it should not be forgotten that “in the long term, air transport will be the system that emits the least CO2”said the CEO.

According to his reasoning, “the infrastructure of the plane is the air” and if “you analyze the quantity of CO2 emitted to make railway tracks, ballast, etc., you know that in the long term, air transport is extremely virtuous”he insisted in a comparison with the railway sector.

Climate: limit the plane, up to what point?

Augustin de Romanet says to anticipate “a continuation of the extraordinary demand for travel in emerging countries”which will still be ” very strong “but “for countries that have already benefited from the very strong growth in air traffic, ‘privileged’ countries like ours, it is not unreasonable to accept a certain moderation”.


Faced with the growing demand to limit air traffic to fight against global warming, the boss of ADP will not put himself “never in the way of those who want to behave more responsibly”he said.

Stop having children to save the planet? “The freedom to procreate is a fundamental right, not the freedom to fly”

He also highlighted the awareness that has hit the industry since 2019 with now “airlines that are crying out to energy companies for the production of aero-sustainable fuel, as well as methods for eco-piloting”.

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