AIR4: here is the flying 4L

Renault has just unveiled a flying 4L, functional as can be seen in the video.

To conclude the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4, R4 or 4L for close friends, the diamond brand is launching its legendary car. A creation designed with the company TheArsenale which aims to offer a futuristic reinterpretation of this automotive icon.

The flying R4 can fly up to an altitude of 700 meters.
The flying R4 can fly up to an altitude of 700 meters. © © Lionel Koretzky

“This new version, AIR4, is the first French flying car. Neither a concept nor a decoy, AIR4 is an E-VTOL * (for “Electric vertical take-off and landing”, a drone in short) very real and functional, ”said the statement from TheArsenale.

In the video below, we can indeed see this AIR4 really take off, with its four two-bladed propellers and no wheels. It is therefore indeed a drone in the form of a 4L and not a flying car, the latter still having to be able to move on the road. A project reminiscent of that of Franky Zapata, the inventor of the flyboard, indeed also boards a flying car, the Jet Racer.

The press release gives some characteristics of this AIR4: it is equipped with a small lithium polymer battery of 90,000 mAh and 100 volts (ie a capacity of 9 kWh). It can fly at a speed of 90 km / h and at an altitude of up to 700 meters, but with “standard flights” rather at 15 meters high.

To carry out this project, TheArsenale, “a marketplace specializing in the mobility of the future” founded in 2015 by the French entrepreneur Patrice Meignan, explains that it “surrounded itself with emerging players in French Tech such as L2 Concept – Factory Unit for the design, conception, production and assembly of the vehicle, but also of MC Clic, a Monegasque company specializing in theft “.

The AIR4 on a heliport in Monaco.
The AIR4 on a heliport in Monaco. © © Mathieu César

This AIR4 must be on display to the general public until the end of the year at Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées in Paris, alongside other historic versions of the Renault 4. At the start of 2022, the flying machine will join the American territory, in Miami, then New York, before finishing his journey in Macao, cities where TheArsenale has showrooms.

What to wait before the real return of the 4L in modern version. Besides the launch of a modern and electric version of the R5, it will indeed be the turn of this model to take a facelift. Project code name: “4ever”.

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