AirPods Pro, 3, 2: prices drop on Apple wireless headphones

Apple regularly releases new products, this was the case with its famous AirPods, discover them at the best price on various merchant sites.

Apple is not left behind when it comes to preparing and releasing new products. The brand knows how to highlight the best technologies, think of a design according to the chips and materials included and the technology that is integrated into the device.

Finally, the high-tech devices that are created stand out and are particularly sought after. That’s why you might be really interested in these promotions on Rakuten, Cdiscount or even Amazon. They concern both the AirPods second generation but also the AirPods 3 and the Pro which are among the most advanced in the range. All you have to do is find your happiness and treat yourself without further delay to find the most interesting prices by consulting these different e-commerce sites. These headphones will no longer have any secrets for you.

AirPods Pro: the best price is available here

The AirPods Pro are at an exceptional price on Rakuten where they are presented at 203 euros with a 27% discount or 76 euros in savings. If you prefer, opt for payment in installments free of charge from 11 euros per month. It is now easy for you to acquire these AirPods Pro for a preferential rate. They will allow you to benefit from a high level of noise reduction to immerse yourself in sound. Block out most extraneous noise with noise canceling and the size eartip of your choice that comes with your headphones. They deliver over 24 hours of listening time on multiple charges and 4.5 hours on a single charge. Plus, with fast charging, you get up to an hour of listening time from just 5 minutes of charging. With the transparency mode, you start a conversation without removing your earphones and the music stops automatically to give way to the voice of your interlocutor.

The AirPods Pro at a price of 196.90 euros instead of 279 euros on Rakuten

AirPods 3: nice discount on the latest Apple headphones

The AirPods 3 Apple are not left out and are offered to you at 179.99 euros, their best price on Cdiscount. They can last up to 6 hours on a single charge and give you 30 hours of listening time on multiple charges with the included case. Use the pressure sensors to make a call, adjust the volume, change songs, hang up. Your calls are clear as ever with a mesh fabric that isolates your voice from the wind and a microphone system that picks it up and makes it perfectly intelligible for your interlocutors. IPX4 certified, they are water and dust resistant and can accompany you on your sporting outings without any problem. Spatial audio, on the other hand, gives you an enveloping sound that has nothing to envy to the cinema. You are in your bubble with the active noise reduction and you only leave it if you decide to do so at the appropriate time.

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AirPods 2: great price on the 2nd version of Apple’s wireless headphones

Apple brand AirPods 2 have many advantages and high performance. Take advantage of their reduced price on Amazon to acquire them at only 119 euros with a discount of 9 euros or 7%. They expertly detect when you place them on your ears and are able to automatically stop the music when removed. They connect with an ease that leaves your other Apple devices like your smartphone, tablet or computer speechless. With their 24-hour battery life over multiple charges, you’re sure to never miss a single song and enjoy every note to the end even with prolonged use. They will delight music fans and everyone else. Activate Siri when needed to find directions, start a playlist or make a hands-free phone call. They do not require any skills to be activated and will let you enjoy your favorite titles in the greatest privacy.

Apple AirPods 2 at a price of 119 euros instead of 128 euros on Amazon

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