AirTag’s Growing Popularity, Apple Expected to Ship 35 Million Units by the End of 2022

Apple would see continued growth in AirTag sales, with respected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicting on Sunday that shipments for item trackers could reach 35 million units by the end of 2022, against 20 million expected in 2021.

In a tweet shared over the weekend in which the analyst shares his shipping estimates for trackers, Kuo noted that if popularity continues, he expects Apple to release a second generation of trackers, although this appears to be more of a prediction rather than knowledge of any future plans.

Apple announced AirTag – the long-running tracking accessory that integrates with the Find My app to allow users to track items such as purses, keys, backpacks or other items from their iPhone – in 2021.

Priced at $29, the affordable tracker is equipped with the Apple-designed U1 chip using Ultra Wideband technology, enabling Precision Tracking, a feature that, as a user moves, merges inputs from the camera, ARKit, the accelerometer and gyroscope, to guide them to their AirTag using a combination of audible, haptic and visual feedback.

Apple’s AirTag has been the focus of numerous complaints from privacy advocates and law enforcement around the world, although it does not necessarily pose a greater risk to privacy than compared to other similar trackers, such as those from Tile.

Apple has made improvements to AirTag since its launch last year, including several firmware updates to improve anti-harassment features and a new Android app for non-iPhone users to identify unknown AirTags traveling with themalthough the future of small trackers is currently unknown.

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