aja soul»o – songs of my heart

Singer Aja Zischg

Singer Aja Zischg
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Pure cult nüziders presents the well-known singer Aja Zischg on Friday, December 2, 2022, at 8 p.m. in the Nüziders community center!

The piano has been the most faithful musical companion of the well-known musician Aja Zischg since she was six years old. She composes, arranges, re-harmonizes and corrects at the piano. The latter is one of their particular strengths. Aja has been teaching jazz and pop singing for over 20 years.

On the one hand, 20 years of teaching in the field of popular music means supporting students on and off stage every day. And on the other hand: to refine your own “skills”. On the instrument as well as in conveying music. As a singer who can accompany herself very convincingly on the piano, Aja knows exactly what a singer “needs” from a musical accompanist in order to feel in good hands. Or in other words: what is useful for the vocal performance and: what is not.

Aja takes great pleasure in accompanying himself. In this way, she can open up her very own, very intimate space and take the audience completely into her world.

The titles that Aja has chosen for her solo program are all “songs from her heart”. On the one hand, there are songs that have accompanied Aja through her life for a very long time; on the other hand, there are vocal pieces that Aja has only recently added to her repertoire. However, these are no less intensively linked to Aja’s own experiences, her life and her inner and outer processes.

In addition to one or the other jazz tune such as “You Go Go My Head” or “Good Morning Heartache”, the well-known Vorarlberg vocalist performs her own compositions and songs by Adele, Lionel Richie, Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Jamie Cullum and many more.

The very puristic, even reduced artistic performance of voice and piano is complemented by percussive elements and “handmade” loops. Creating loops live on stage means: beat boxing and polyphonic choirs singing live. The Vorarlberg artist especially loves the latter.

With “aja soul»o”, the audience can expect a set that is varied and exciting, although also solid and intimate.

There are tickets www.laendleticket.com, for all Vbg. Raiffeisen banks and savings banks as well as at the box office.

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