Akasa Akari Cosplays Makima for Chainsaw Man Anime Premiere

Less than a month to go until the premiere of the anime of chainsaw manWell, it has already been confirmed that the first 12 episodes will arrive on Crunchyroll on October 11. Thanks to that we have been sharing some of the best cosplays, like the one from Makima made by the talented akasa akari.

Professional cosplayer Akasa Akari has been modeling for more than a year but started transforming into fictional characters in January 2022. Since then we have seen Akasa cosplaying very popular fictional characters from Japan, such as Makima, the waifu we met in the manga of Chainsaw Man.

Akasa Akari has done very good cosplays of Makima, from Chainsaw Man.

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The first time we saw a photo of Akasa Akari in a Makima cosplay was in April of this year, when she posed alongside another Japanese cosplayer who became Denji. Since then we have seen a few posts of Akasa in her Makima cosplay, one of them imitating the Chainsaw Man manga.

Since then Akasa Akari has been posting Makima cosplay pics every month, and there are already several that look amazing thanks to the red backgrounds that go perfectly with the hair of the mysterious girl from Chainsaw Man. Just as Denji becomes a simp For Makima, Akasa’s fans have shown their love in the comments.

It is possible that we will see Akasa Akari again in her Makima cosplay when the premiere of Chainsaw Man approaches and the popularity of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work is expected to increase considerably, as the manga is considered one of the best that have come in recent years and there are high expectations with anime.

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