Alarm: Siren alarm in Essen-Stoppenberg causes excitement

In the north of Essen, the warning sirens wailed on Saturday evening and unsettled many people. What the police and fire brigade say about it.

excitement inside Essen-Stopping Mountain late Saturday evening: Against 9:30 p.m have in the north of Essen warning sirens howled. Many people must have heard the alarm. There was an increasing and decreasing warning tone three times, then it was quiet again. However, when the fire brigade was called, the wires ran hot.

what happened there? “We have no damage situation“, said the police control center when asked. Although there was an operation in Stoppenberg, it was only triggered by reports of the acoustic alarm. The source of the alarm is unknown.

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Siren alarm in Essen-Stoppenberg: listen to the radio instead of making an emergency call

Inquiry at the Essen fire brigade: “We’re all puzzled here too‘ it said there. There is no known risk to the public. Why the sirens went off: unclear. One suspects a false alarm.

But the spokesman at the fire brigade headquarters would like to give the people in Essen one thing: “When the sirens wail, that means: Turn on the radio and wait for more information!” It is not advisable – and also not helpful for the work of the fire brigade – if thousands of people call the emergency number immediately after the alarm. (shou)

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