Alberto Abarza confessed an anecdote with Pablo Solari

Despite the great moment that Colo Colo is experiencing in the National Championship, there are not a few fans, who even in a romantic way, remember what they experienced last season that had the popular cast playing the defining match so as not to be relegated.

One of those who suffered the campaign was Alberto Abarza, the Chilean triple Paralympic medalist, a well-known fan of the Cacique. In conversation with Dale Albo, he told how he lived the 2020 season, mainly remembering what he experienced in recent dates.

“We suffer it point to point. I remember that I had to go to Rancagua in the last Colo Colo game and they had full of banners that go to B, the ghost and all that. I managed to pass and then I saw a lot of people and I suffered. I’m going to tell you the truth, I thought we made it to that game but already classified, saved (against O’Higgins on the last date). And when they beat us I said ‘oh, it can’t be’, Colo Colo is going to get ahead somehow, “confessed Abarza.

To later tell how he lived the encounter of salvation before the University of Concepción. “The last game I suffered a lot, a lot. Until Solari scores that goal and it’s like watching it now, I screamed it. I think I almost thank him for standing up, at that level “, Held.

At the end, Abarza made a comparison with another historic goal by los albos. “It was like Murci’s goal in 98 at the last minute, something like that. From there, Solari won the hearts of all the fans of Colo Colo “, finished off the medalist who remained in the history of Chilean sports.

The remembered celebration of Solari in Talca.

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