Alberto Abarza is excited to represent the Cacique

Alberto Abarza is one of the best national athletes of today and in history. The swimmer won three medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games: one gold and two silver.

The native of Cerrillos spoke with DaleAlbo Conversa and recounted all his colocolino passion since he was born. He recalled several times and how he became a fan among a whole family at the University of Chile.

Another topic he touched on was about representing Colo Colo. A situation that is not atypical since Blanco y Negro a few years ago represented several athletes such as Daniel Seguel, Robinson Mendez or Cousins ​​Grimalt.

“I tell you the truth, I would be a flag bearer for Colo Colo even for free. Just as when there are people who help me in a way, when I put on a Colo Colo hat, I don’t do it thinking that they will help me, I do it because I like Colo Colo “, he sentenced.

He further added that, “It’s like when you buy the shirt you do it because you like it, I’m not waiting for them to give it to me. If I would happily do it, I would love to, but when I go to competitions or things I go out with the Colo Colo shirt sometimes, then I do it without thinking if they are going to call me or not and I do it because I like it “.

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