Alberto Fernández asked "work so that rights reach every Argentine"

Wednesday August 18, 2021 | 19: 06hs.

President Alberto Fernández asked the leaders of the Frente de Todos to work so that “rights reach every Argentine” to build “the country we deserve and live the life we ​​want”, within the framework of the plenary session of the Frente de Todos of the province of Buenos Aires, held at noon this Wednesday in the unique stadium of La Plata together with Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

Also accompanied by the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof, the head of the Lower House, Sergio Massa, and the head of the ruling bench in Deputies, Máximo Kirchner, Fernández said that during the pandemic he composed a song whose chorus reads “‘If I lose myself I find myself, if I fall I get up, the secret in this life is to continue channeling ‘and we continue walking and we continue here, standing, despite all the stones in the path that they put us. “

“And none of us have to hide from who we are. We are proud of what we did. My greatest pride is that I have come to finish building what Néstor (Kirchner) started and Cristina (Kirchner) continued. None of us here are -in the Frente de Todos- we have great differences on the big issues and we know where we have to stand on those central issues, “he added.

In a message to the leaders present, he told them: “I want to ask you not to go with doubts in the campaign, because the pandemic was a great obstacle to doing things with the speed we wanted to do, but do not forget everything we did. , since all the measures we took were immense “.

During the ceremony, the President also asked for applause for those who made the solidarity contribution because “with that voluntary contribution of those who have the most, we are urbanizing the neighborhoods of those who have the least.”

“That is why I want to ask for a great applause for what they made that contribution in solidarity for Argentina because you also have to know how to recognize those gestures, he said.

“Do not feel that the pandemic left us paralyzed. The pandemic made us save countless penalties, but then we made the ball play and a lot of goals,” he continued.

After stating that Argentina is “one of the countries that has applied the most vaccines,” he affirmed that they will continue to “vaccinate until the last Argentine is immune.”

Fernández affirmed that “the exit door is just there” and added: “We have to go out and walk with all hope. There is another life, but the life we ​​want is not the one that preceded us.”

“That was a life where a few rogues enjoyed and millions suffered,” he lamented.

“The exit door is to recover work, dignity, we want Argentina to produce and grow so that everyone can grow, we care that health and public education are a value, because that made us different in the world,” he said .

On several occasions, he recalled former President Néstor Kirchner, whose chief of staff he was from 2003 to 2007.

At the beginning of his speech, the president made a comparison between the space Together for Change and a product that has a label, alluding to the law in debate on front labeling.

“What would happen if each Argentine had to go to vote facing a gondola with a container that says Frente de Todos or Juntos, Together for Change, because they change the name, and what each one contains,” he said.

And he listed: “I imagined that as a promotional act, the Juntos package would say ‘we are republished, this package contains: a President who set up a judicial table; appointed ministers of the Court by decree; they erased hundreds of laws by DNU; a Government that it put us in debt with private banks in 100 billion dollars and that went to the IMF and put us in debt in 45 billion more “.

“If the frontal labeling existed, few would be left wanting to consume what that container contains. But, unfortunately, it does not exist. There is the publication of the large media, which are very angry and build caps,” he reflected.

At the end of his speech, he recalled General Juan Domingo Perón, noting that “Peronism took to the streets to demand the freedom of a colonel who defended those who worked.”

“We are children of that Peronism and there are a lot of rights that have not yet been given. Let’s work so that those rights reach every Argentine, let’s make the country we deserve in that way and live the life we ​​want in that way,” he harangued.

Also participating in the plenary session were the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; Buenos Aires Vice Governor Verónica Magario; the national and Buenos Aires ministers together with mayors and the candidates for national deputies in the province of Buenos Aires, Victoria Tolosa Paz and Daniel Gollan; and the candidates for provincial legislators and councilors.

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