Alberto Fernández assured the businessmen that Cristina Kirchner wants to close the agreement with the Fund

President Alberto Fernández meeting with businessmen
President Alberto Fernández meeting with businessmen

President Alberto Fernández assured a group of leading businessmen that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner wants the Government to close an agreement “quickly and well” with the International Monetary Fund.

This was confirmed by the businessman Francisco De Narváez, former political leader and current owner of the Walmart supermarket chain in Argentina. In statements to Radio Miter, De Narváez pointed out that the atmosphere of the meeting with the president – where they were also Juan Manzur and Sergio Massa– It was very good. “The meeting was excellent. It was three hours of stark dialogue. It was not a meeting for a photo, “he defined.

I left the meeting very excited. There was talk of neglect with the businessmen with those same letters (De Narváez)

“It is good for Argentina and it may be the beginning of something different,” he added. According to De Narváez, the president confirmed that the agreement with the IMF is “in the process” of being carried out. “You don’t kick these negotiations. There are still things to negotiate. It takes a process. The president told us that he wants to make an agreement that is beneficial for all Argentines that obviously brings benefits in the medium and long term and that is enforceable. “

We asked the president if the vice president agrees to close an agreement with the Fund. And he answered yes. Who wants to close a deal well and quickly, in that order. This clarifies a picture of tremendous, well-founded mistrust. It could be in the first weeks or in the first quarter of the year. It is a fundamental step for Argentina to start a recovery plan ”, explained the businessman.

The president confirmed that Cristina wants to close an agreement with the IMF
The president confirmed that Cristina wants to close an agreement with the IMF

However, he warned that they have no aspiration to hold political office. “I left the meeting very enthusiastic. There was talk of neglect with businessmen with those same letters. We told you if you aspire for entrepreneurs to take the risk of continuing to invest, there are certain State policies that have to be reviewed, with the union leadership at the table, “he said.

In addition, he stressed that the second topic that was discussed was job creation. “There was a lot of talk at the meeting that there cannot be such a size of the State with a private sector shrinking by the hour. The President affirmed it and said that we want all the necessary State and the private sector possible ”, he specified.

In Argentina the preventing machine is phenomenal. Because it’s easier to destroy than to build

“In Argentina the machine to prevent is phenomenal. He was afraid to go out and say what he wanted to say. Because it is easier to destroy than to build. There is also a time when if we want to reverse this situation for all Argentines we have to have a broad look and listen to dissent as well, ”said De Narváez.

Although the issue of price controls and the appointment of Roberto Feletti as head of the Secretary of Commerce were not discussed at the meeting, De Narváez warned that the Maximum Price programs never worked. “They work for a little while. Hopefully I don’t go down that road, we’ll see what happens. In Argentina there is a phenomenal competition to have minimum prices, not maximums. Hopefully Mr. Feletti does not believe that by intervening in companies he will achieve what he wants to achieve ”, he assured.

The businessman Francisco De Narváez
The businessman Francisco De Narváez

“Those who produce and those who distribute have to agree on how much to produce, at what cost and at what price it can be sold. Personally, I do not believe that maximum prices are a solution to inflation, “he added.

He also stressed that during the meeting, President Alberto Fernández spoke about the problem of inflation and pointed out that it was a problem of fiscal cost. “As long as the State tries with the contribution of the few that we contribute to sustain a tremendous state apparatus, it is unsustainable. That was an axis of the convocation and of our request to the President ”, he concluded.


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