Alberto Fernández condemned the attack on Cristina at the UN and thanked the IMF for support

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 7:26 p.m.

President Alberto Fernández condemned today before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) the attack suffered by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and assured that this attack “seeked to alter democracy” in Argentina.

“I want to thank the solidarity that Argentina received from the whole world for the assassination attempt suffered by our vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” began the head of state in the United States, a country where he has an agenda of meetings.

The event “seeked to alter a virtuous collective construction that will be four decades old next year” in the country, he remarked, adding: “In 1983 we recovered democracy and began a long historical cycle in which different political forces alternated in government “.

The president used this event to alert the representatives of the different countries and multilateral organizations about the presence of “fascism disguised as republicanism” that aims to pierce the democratic system of the peoples.

“We value democracy as a model of social development that requires respect for the other in diversity. I am sure that the fascist violence that is disguised as republicanism will not achieve that broad consensus that the vast majority of Argentina adheres to,” he said.

These groups, the president explained, used “the discomfort of the pandemic and the economic effects of the war” to carry out “extremist speeches” and “sow anti-political sentiment” in societies.

“Those who seek to weaken and erode democracies have specific interests that lead them to promote extreme polarization. Let us not resignedly accept this situation. Let us generate an energetic global rejection of those who promote division in our communities,” postulated the highest national president.

Support before the IMF

“The indebted nations suffer much more from the effects of the established system. Argentina is among them,” recalled the president after criticizing the current system that, from his point of view, favors the enrichment of a few “while millions remain submerged in poverty. and marginality”.

Fernández took advantage of this passage of his speech to thank the nations that support the country “in the complex process of renegotiating” the foreign debt.”

“It is a debt that my government did not generate but that it faces with all seriousness,” he stressed, adding: “Our criteria are known. They respond to the provisions of this General Assembly in Resolution 69/319 of 2015, when it established that the restructuring of sovereign debts must be made promoting sustained and inclusive growth, minimizing economic and social costs, guaranteeing the stability of the international financial system and respecting human rights”.

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