Alberto Fernández shared an act with Massa and called "the unity of the Argentines"

President Alberto Fernández affirmed this Friday in Santa Fe that some sectors “are in charge of making the current economic situation even more difficult” but maintained that “not even the will” of these groups “is going to bend the decision” of the national government. and confirmed that “Not going to stop” public works or housing construction throughout the country.

It was in the first act accompanied by Sergio Massa already as Minister of Economy. Also present were the head of Transportation, alexis warriorand the governor of Santa Fe Omar PerottiFernández led the act of reactivation of the railway service that connects Cañada de Gómez with Rosario after 45 years.

“Clearly we are going through difficult economic times and some are in charge of making it even more difficult,” said the President during his speech, in which he added: Sergio (Massa) You know, as I do, the obligation we have with each one of you“, within the framework of the first official activity that both share after the assumption of the former deputy in office last Wednesday.

“That obligation is not going to stop, as well as any of the 5,000 public works that we are building. The 100 technical schools that we are building throughout the country are not going to stop, nor are the 120,000 homes that we are building. Our duty is with you, not with others,” said the president.

In this framework, he said that in addition to fighting for the unity of the governing coalition of the Frente de Todos, one must “fight for the unity of Argentines” and valued the railway as an element of community and economic development.

As in his last public appearances, the President insisted that in the sphere of politics “not everything is the same” and contrasted decisions such as the nationalization of the trains taken by Juan Perón in the 1940s with those taken “in the years 90” when “someone thought that the trains were unnecessary”, in relation to the management of Carlos Menem.

In this sense, he said that in his Government the railway is understood as “a very important means of transport to develop communities and the economy.”
“Cristina (Fernández, during her presidency) called for a tender to do this,” she recalled in reference to the reactivation of the branch, noting that “whoever succeeded her said that this should not be done” in reference to former president Mauricio Macri.

“As Perón, Evita thought, as Néstor (Kirchner) and Cristina thought, I believe that the train is needed in all of Argentina, so that it ends with the disintegration of the country and so that it unites us”Fernandez pointed out.

The Head of State also vindicated the search for the unity of the FDT and went further: “We must fight for the unity of the Argentines.”

Fernández, Massa and Guerrera arrived by plane to the city of Rosario, from where they traveled by train to Cañada de Gómez, a half-hour journey. The formations have a capacity for 900 passengers and, potentially, they will be able to benefit close to 2,000 passengers per day who will be mobilized between the Rosario Norte and Cañada de Gómez stations, a route that demands 2 hours and 10 minutes and that has intermediate stops in Correa , Carcarañá, San Geronimo, Roldán, Funes and Antarctica Argentina.

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