Alberto Fernández: “The world has to understand that there is no more space for wars"

Thursday, May 12, 2022 | 5:37 p.m.

President Alberto Fernández today led a press conference at the Argentine embassy in France, in which he stated: “The world has to understand that there is no more room for wars, and it is a moral imperative to call for reflection to end death ”.

“More than six million people have just died from the pandemic, and we must end death because the world can no longer bear this,” the president said in this regard before Argentine journalists in Paris.

“I preside over CELAC, which is an organization of countries that brings together all of Latin America and the Caribbean” and, in this framework, “we have seen with great concern how problems in the economy and in war have evolved at a global level. That is why I asked the chancellor to organize these two central meetings with chancellor Scholz and president Macron to talk about what is happening with the war, the Russian invasion, and I asked to start with Spain because it is always our strategic ally in Europe”, The Head of State explained the reasons for his European tour.

And he added: “The trip is directly motivated by the concern generated by the evolution of the armed conflict that has consequences, no longer in the countries that are in the conflict, but global ones that are very important to us. We are really very concerned and we have to do something to bring about the end of the Russian military action on Ukraine and for the parties to sit down and find an understanding”.

When asked about the national government’s economic program, the President explained that “it will help slow down inflation, we are sure of that”, while admitting: “We are far from being happy with the inflation rates that exist today in Argentina, so we must continue working on the three pillars that are production, work and income distribution”.

“We are growing a lot, generating new formal jobs, but it is costing us a lot to correct income distribution, and even when we encourage joint ventures to solve this problem and wages to be above inflation, we have to work on all the causes that they generate it”, added the head of state in that sense.

Regarding the planned increases in rates, he stressed that “this increase can never be higher than the salary increase of people”, and stated: “This is not an imposition of the International Monetary Fund, but rather we do it because we believe it is necessary since it is very difficult to subsidize the richest in terms of energy”.

“My mind is set on solving the problems of Argentines, on limiting the damage that the international context generates” in the country, “on helping those most in need, on getting those who are subsumed in it out of poverty as quickly as possible. , in generating work and taking advantage of the opportunities” provided by the global framework, concluded the President.

The head of state has been in France since this morning, where he visited the Sorbonne University, met with the Academic Council of that institution and received an award from the rector, Cristophe Kerrero. Meanwhile, tomorrow he will hold a meeting with his peer, Emmanuel Macron, at the Elysée Palace.

As part of his European tour, the President has already visited Spain, where he held two meetings with his counterpart, Pedro Sánchez, and King Felipe VI, and Germany, a country in which he met with the Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, together with who also gave a statement to the press.

The Head of State is accompanied by an official delegation made up of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Santiago Cafiero; the Presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti; the General Secretaries of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello; and Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Beliz; the Secretary of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca; and the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Luciana Tito.

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