Alberto used Belgrano as an example to speak to the youngest: "they are the future"

“(Manuel) Belgrano donated his entire reward to build schools, convinced that the future of the nation lay in education. In times of uncertainty like we live in today, we must follow these leaders,” Alberto asked.

President Alberto affirmed that Argentina “is not that country without a destiny that some want to propose, but rather it is a country that wants to stand up”, while leading the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) in the official act for the Day of the Flag.

And he promised that “we are going to stand up once again, for you, so that you have once and for all the homeland you deserve.” Before two thousand primary school students he promised: “Get ready for a better tomorrow.”

“We know where we stand and where we want to go, but we also know, as NĂ©stor (Kirchner) once said, where we don’t want to return. No one wants to convince me that the past is the best. Tomorrow is better,” said the president, in a new quote from the famous verse of “Cantata de Puentes Amarillos” by Luis Alberto Spinetta.

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