Alberto’s message for the triumph of Gustavo Petro in Colombia

The elections in Colombia mark two trends: there is a change of course in the region with leftist governments of different stripes, such as that of Gabriel Boric in Chile, Pedro Castillo in Peru, and possibly Lula Da Silva in Brazil, but also inevitable defeats in all the ruling parties that dealt with the pandemic and the subsequent war, which is a double message for Peronism.

Gustavo Petro defeated the picturesque candidate of the anti-political ultra-right like so many that have emerged in different parts of the world in recent times, Rodolfo Hernández.

The Argentine government celebrated the victory as its own, feeling that a regional alliance can be formed with the countries that will move away from the Andean Pact and could become involved with a new Mercosur model.

Alberto Fernández spoke with the new Colombian president and sent him greetings through social networks.

Tweet by Alberto Fernandez
Tweet by Alberto Fernandez

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