Aldahir Peláez: Meet the urban dance teacher who teaches how to dance like a robot on TikTok

“What’s wrong with this boy?”, “he’s having a convulsion”, “he seems to have broken bones”, “how about flexibility…”. These are some of the comments received daily by Aldahir Peláez, an expert popping dancer, who has found a window on TikTok to teach this innovative urban dance.

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The dancer explains that popping (from the English ‘pop’ which means ‘outburst’) is a type of urban dance in which the muscles contract and relax, causing outbursts in the body (known as pops) and thereby creating a robotic.

Peláez always wanted to be a dancer. At school, he was in all the activities that involved moving the body. And, although he never studied dance, he never left it. At the age of 25 he was already a well-known ‘breakdancer’, but he suffered a muscle injury that forced him to put this practice aside.

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He wanted to abandon his passion, until he discovered popping. He began to practice it by watching tutorials and now he has completely mastered it, so much so that he is a teacher in the aforementioned social network. “My content is, above all, based on the comments that they leave me. If they tell me: ‘I would like to dance like a robot’ or ‘show me this step’, we have a public conversation in which I offer to do the tutorial and I do it. Thus, many more people see it and can continue asking me for videos”the dancer points out.

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Although he knows them all in this dance, the teacher confesses that there are still some steps that he does not master perfectly. For example, the movement of the . “What I find most difficult are the movements of the neck when I go backwards because maintaining stability is challenging”he indicates, and encourages the aspiring ‘poppers’ to follow their dreams. “It doesn’t matter if others laugh, if you do what you want you will have a great future”it states.

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