Aldi, Rewe and Edeka are testing the new 100-bottle deposit machine, including Franconian branches

Aldi, Rewe and Edeka are testing the new 100-bottle deposit machine, including Franconian branches

Again there is a long line waiting in front of the deposit machines in the supermarket and it’s finally your turn, each bottle and can has to be thrown in individually. But that should help Aldi Be over: The discounter announced that it would test a new deposit machine that would be up to 100 bottles can record at once. It is already being used in some branches.

“Tomra R1” is the name of the state-of-the-art express deposit station that is set to revolutionize bottle dispensing. Thanks to a significantly larger insertion hole than with conventional machines, up to 100 bottles and cans can be dispensed at once. The technology behind it promises to scan every single bottle anyway and therefore none deposit value to overlook. The receipt is then printed out as usual.

100 bottles at the same time: Aldi is testing the “Tomra R1” deposit machine

“Shut up and go: we’re currently testing in three Aldi stores the Tomra R1 reverse vending machine,” writes Aldi Nord on its official Twitter page. “The large drum handles almost up to 100 PET bottles and cans at the same time. advantage for our customers: Returning the deposit is quicker and easier and your hands stay clean.”

But there is a catch: glass bottles must still be disposed of separately in the usual machines. Because in “Tomra R1” there is a risk that due to the large number of bottles break could.

the express vending machine is already being used in the Aldi branches in Hattingen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Bunde and Wilhelmshaven (both in Lower Saxony), and Aachen has now been added to the list. In fact, Aldi is not the first supermarket chain to test “Tomra R1”: Also in Kaufland branches customers could already use it.

The manufacturer of the machine also has one on its website List of all current locations on, including branches of rewe, net, Edeka or market purchase. There are also several supermarkets among them francs:

  • Edeka Center Massak: Weißenbrunner Strasse 20a, 96317 Kronach
  • Edeka sword: Am Sportplatz 3, 91325, Adelsdorf (Erlangen-Höchstadt district)
  • Net brand discount: Wettersteinstrasse 23, 90471, Nuremberg

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