Aldo Miyashiro returns to the pichangas as captain of ‘Once Machos’: “Thank you for being with me”

AGAINST ALL ODDS. After living his scandalous ampay with the sports reporter Fiorella Retizcausing the end of his marriage with Erika Villalobosdriver Aldo Miyashiro He returned to the pichangas with his team ‘Once Machos’, a team where the journalist was also a part.

The ‘Chino’ was present last Saturday, July 2, in a friendly sports meeting during the inauguration of a sports complex in group B of the AA.HH Horacio Zeballos Gámez, in Ate. Aldo Miyashiro was excited to play soccer again.

“We return to the courts in a friendly match. “He said at first to his entire team,” he told El Popular.

Speaking to a local media, Aldo Miyashiro He assured that he will continue for his children, so he has to continue with his usual activities.

“To continue living because it is the best thing one can do. I come from fighting parents and I also have to fight for my children, ”she added.

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