Aldo Olcese remembers with shame his ampay with Malú Costa: “I am not proud and my daughters suffered”

Aldo Olcese confessed that his daughters suffered a lot with his ampay with Malú Costa in 2004. (Photo: Capture / Facebook)

Aldo Olcese could not help but talk about the remembered ampay who starred with the model Malu Costa after nearly 18 years. During an interview with “Cuto” Guadalupe, the former soccer player revealed that his family suffered a lot from the images that Magaly Medina issued in 2004.

Let us remember that, on November 27 of that year, the cameras of the popular “Urraca” captured the actress in her truck next to “Payasito” Olcese. In the images you could see how Malú crouched down for several minutes while he was sitting next to the player and, later, they kissed passionately. Since then, she was baptized with the nickname ‘Mamalú’.

At that time, Aldo Olcese He was married, so he was accused of being unfaithful. This event could not go unnoticed by ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe and he did not hesitate to ask him. “My brother, tell us about that episode of the ampay”said the now jury of Peru’s Got Talent and to which Olcese showed his discomfort.

It’s been a lot of years of that topic that doesn’t make me proud at all. On the contrary, and many say “no, but you are the man”, but I, the truth, I feel ashamed of what happened. But more is the topic of touching this is for my daughters, I do not like to touch the subject for them “he began by saying.

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“When we are among friends and you know how we are… There we joke and I make jokes with that, and I am the one who fucks the most, I fuck myself, I get annoyed. But I don’t touch the subject because my daughters are grown up now, and they lived through that and suffered. So I leave it there just for them and also for my youngest daughters”he added.

Finally, he confessed that the Alianza Lima club, to which he belonged at the time, wanted to impose a fine on him for the media scandal he caused. However, his coach defended him and prevented him from being punished.

“No, I was not fined. And there I could thank teacher Gustavo Costas very much, because there were managers who drank more than me, who did worse things than me, but they wanted to fine me (…) There was never any fine, there was nothing.”he concluded.

Aldo Olcese and the ampay with Malú Costa. (VIDEO: YouTube)


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