Alejandro Apo charged against the gorillas and told his father’s secret to make him a Peronist

“I was born in December 1954, and this coup and this aggression against the people was already taking place. My father, I always remember that when I was 12 years old he told me: ‘I read all anti-Peronism to have a position. I read La Nación, La Prensa , the men who overthrew Perón, and then come and tell me what you think,” recalled sports journalist Alejandro Apo.

As a guest on “Sobredosis de TV” and, 67 years after the tragic bombing of Plaza de Mayo, which occurred on June 16, 1955, he assured that “the hatred of Peronism is intact.”

“How eternal and lasting is the hatred of Peronism, of the people, of the people… Because that remains intact. Perón gave a credential to all the people so that the working class could have a dignified life,” said Apo. , in dialogue with Jorge Rial, in the last program as host of the cycle.

TV OVERDOSE: Niembro, El Peronismo by Alejandro Apo / Report #SDTV / 06-18-2022

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