Alejandro Cavero: “I am LGBT and proudly right wing”

The congressman from the Avanza País bench, Alejandro Cavero, responded to those who criticize him for having participated in a meeting with LGBT + activists, at the British Residence, and in turn having expressed his open support for the far-right organization Vox.

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Last Tuesday, Cavero shared a meeting with activists from the LGBT + community. Even the British Embassy in Peru shared photographs of the attendees where the parliamentarian is seen.

“Promoting equal rights for LGBT + people is not only the right thing to do from a moral perspective, but also from an economic perspective,” it is read in the caption of the photos shared by the British Residence.

After the publication, Cavero was questioned for his presence at the meeting and his open support for Vox, a far-right organization whose members have expressed their rejection of the rights of the LGBT + community.

“I am LGBT and proudly right wing. I believe in economic freedom as I defend individual freedoms ”, replied the parliamentarian to a troll account. In addition, he questioned that “Our struggle is worthless if it is not from the left.”


After the event, Cavero received the support of his fellow parliamentarians, in addition to his thousands of followers on social networks.

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“My full support and endorsement of Alejandro Cavero. Your commitment and fight for the values ​​of freedom and democracy are essential to achieve a more just society. A fraternal greeting to the entire LGBT community! ”, wrote the legislator Patricia Chirinos.

Meanwhile his colleague Rosselli Amuruz wrote: “I express my support to my colleague Alejandro Cavero and I greet the LGBT community. We are all equal in dignity and rights, without ideologies! ”.

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