Alert in a neighborhood of La Plata: residents are evacuated due to poisoning with agrochemicals

After repeated complaints from neighbors, this Monday morning The evacuation of the El Toboso neighborhood in La Plata began, due to the appearance of cases of intoxication by agrochemicals.

According to official sources, in recent days they had received the complaint of inhabitants of the area, who claim to have vomiting, irritation of the eyes, throat and mouthindicating as responsible “a strong smell that was in the environment”.

sources of Ministry of Agroindustry of the Province of Buenos Aires confirmed to that they are working in the place to determine what is the cause that generated these effects on the neighbors, and that they are attentive to their care and evolution.

The complaint and denunciation of the inhabitants of the area, was increasing as the cases of people with symptoms of intoxication were added day by day. At first, the neighborhood assembly gave notice to the Municipality, who immediately informed the Department of Ecological Prevention and Hazardous Substance -dependent on the Ministry of Security of the Province-.

While the agents carry out the analysis, tracking and examination corresponding to the surrounding land and plantations, the residents of the neighborhood will continue to be protected and under the appropriate medical supervision for the type of symptoms they present.

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