Alert in Colo Colo: The defense has casualties and Quinteros must find a way to rearm it against Coquimbo Unido

National Championship

Maximiliano Falcón is suspended and Emiliano Amor is in pain, so it would be best to keep him thinking about the visit to River Plate next Thursday for the Copa Libertadores.

Quinteros must look for variants to rearm the defense.
© Colo Colo.Quinteros must look for variants to rearm the defense.

Colo Colo puts his leadership in the 2022 National Championship at stake after his good victory over Curicó in La Granja, receiving Coquimbo Unido on the 13th date this Saturday, May 14, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium.

Unfortunately the string of matches between the local tournament and the Copa Libertadores that has been experienced in these months and that is still to be finished is gradually passing the count at the time of putting together the starting eleven, forcing Gustavo Quinteros at certain times to get his hands on the team.

Something like this is being experienced in the run-up to the meeting with the pirates, sinceand everything indicates that there will be several changes from the middle of the field to the backespecially considering that next Thursday the Cacique will face River Plate for date 5 of the continental tournament in Argentina.

At the moment the main casualties are those of the starting central pair so far. Maximiliano Falcón is suspended when he sees his fifth yellow card against Curicó Unido and Emiliano Amor has been suffering from an ailment for several weeks in his ankleso the best thing for now is to stop thinking about next Thursday.

so things it is almost a fact that Matías Zaldivia will start against the pirates this Saturdayso it remains to be seen who will be his companion in the center of the defenses.

One of the ways is pass a starting shirt to Daniel Gutiérrez or Bruno Gutiérrezwho would also allow adding those valuable U21 minutes that have the Cacique something to owe so far in the local tournament.

There is also the option that César Fuentes stepped back a few meters and shared defensive duties with Matías Zaldivia, something that the midfielder already did in the preseason in the international friendly against Boca Juniors. A) Yes, the option is also open for Vicente Pizarro to enter the midfieldthus adding U21 minutes.

Finally the name of the Uruguayan appears Alan Saldivia, who has earned a place in youth soccer and has even been summoned for some commitments by Quinteros. Unfortunately the charrúa drags a pubalgia and for now runs at a disadvantage.

We will have to see what decision Gustavo Quinteros makes thinking not only of this commitment, but also of what is to come in the coming weeks in the Copa Libertadores. A key planning is coming in the Monumental so as not to lose ground on any front.

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