Alert! This is the psychological profile of an abuser

More than 700 million women have suffered some type of abuse, that is, 1 in 3 women worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). While in Peru, 63 out of 100 women -between 15 and 49 years old- have been a victim of violence at some time in their life, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), in Peru.

But what is violence against women? It is defined as any violent act based on gender; which results in physical, psychological or sexual harm. Something that in our country has become a topic that we hear daily, according to Dr. María Elena Escuza, director of the Norbert Wiener University School of Psychology.

On a daily basis, we learn of violent acts towards women that, many times, have fatal outcomes. If we question what the genesis of this violence is, we can find that there are genetic, family and social factors. For example, if a person experienced violence in their home, it is very likely that they will repeat this behavior in their own family, thus creating a violent pattern that could be repeated for generations.”Said María Elena Escuza, at the ‘International Multidisciplinary Colloquium for Peace’ organized by the educational institution.

Psychological profile of an abuser

In the specific case of violence against women by their partners, the specialist provides us with the following characteristics that are part of the psychological profile of an abuser:

  1. They are people who, in most cases, tend to come from families in which there was abuse. They tend to have impulsive, immature and violent behavior with depressive tendencies.
  2. At the beginning, they tend to show themselves as very detailed, loving, pending and concerned people. Then this behavior changes radically and gives way to a totally different person with possessive and violent behaviors.
  3. They consider that their partner is their property and are dissatisfied if she tries to have a social life.
  4. You try to remove your partner from your family or friends in order to leave you unprotected.

Escuza points out that “a low self-esteem is so harmful that it gives the abuser a greater possibility of attacking his victim, leading him to think that he deserves this type of abuse in order to be happy. Being a submissive and dependent person is the perfect entrance that these types of aggressors need ”.

The specialist emphasizes that this type of violence occurs in couples of any social class, in all cultures and in any age group.


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