Alessandra Meyer-Wölden – She is divorced for the second time

Now her second marriage is officially history.

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (39), the ex-wife of comedian Oliver Pocher (44), divorced a US entrepreneur (38) in Miami. The reported “Bunte”.

They had been married since 2014. In March 2017 their twin children were born. At the end of 2020, the couple announced their love off. A dispute ensued over custody and residence rights for the children.

Sandy Meyer-Woelden at the Oktoberfest in Munich

Sandy Meyer-Woelden at the Oktoberfest in Munich

Photo: picture alliance/dpa

After agreeing on a parenting plan, the marriage-off could now be carried out in court. Sandy has always kept her love life with the entrepreneur, as well as her five children, out of the public eye.

The jewelry designer was already married to comedian Oliver Pocher from 2010 to 2014. The two are parents to twin sons Emanuel and Elian (11) and daughter Nayla (12). Meyer-Wölden moved to Florida with the kids after the love break-up, Pocher stayed in Germany. A little later, the ex-couple quarreled over alimony in court.

Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden at an event in 2007

Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden at an event in 2007

Photo: German Select/Getty Images

However, that is all history. The former couple now get along really well and even went on vacation together in the summer. “It was difficult at the beginning. To be honest, it took two or three years for it to work like it does now. Amira wasn’t looked at with her ass either,” Pocher said recently to RTL.

Meyer-Wölden has not yet commented on her divorce from her second husband. The reason for the separation was allegedly “irreconcilable differences”.

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