Alex Hugo: soon a cross-over with Candice Renoir?

Guest of the fourth edition of CanneSéries, Samuel Le Bihan was able to measure once again all his popularity as well as that of his series Alex Hugo. And look forward to the rest with happiness.

Samuel Le Bihan, who does not want Angelo to be replaced in Alex Hugo, is one of the guests of CanneSéries, of which Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the president of the jury. The actor came to present an episode ofAlex Hugo exceptional title The winter girl. Firstly because it was shot in March and, once is not customary, presents totally snowy landscapes. Worse, the cop and his team find themselves totally isolated from the rest of the world following an avalanche, with thugs who wish them a lot of trouble on their heels. The episode turns out to be as original as it is thrilling and should appeal to fans ofAlex Hugo. Who keep coming in droves to follow the intrigues carried by their hero. The proof is that even with a replay of one of his episodes, Alex Hugo leaves the competition behind, including Koh-Lanta Tuesday, October 12. Thus the episode broadcast on France 3 was followed that evening by 4.2 million viewers (20.1% audience share) against 3.919 million fans (20% PDA) for the TF1 adventure game.

Being successful is a real gift“, recognizes Samuel Le Bihan

A plebiscite that particularly delights Samuel Le Bihan, who regrets the departure of his sidekick Lionnel Astier. “JI was very scared, of course, when the series went from France 2 to France 3, he told us on the Croisette. Especially since we found ourselves in front of Koh-Lanta. So, I am very moved by the result. It is moving to be chosen by the public. It’s not every day that we have success, it’s a real gift, a real luxury. And, there, I taste it like a big dish. “

Will Samuel Le Bihan soon share the poster with Cécile Bois?

Far from resting on its laurels, the whole team does not forget to constantly renew itself. Like the episode The winter girl will show it. But not only. While fans can savor a few more episodes the presence of Lionnel Astier, the interpreter of Angelo, Samuel Le Bihan it would be nice to invite a few guests to share a story. But not only. The comedian to reveal: “There is an idea currently trotting in production: we wonder if Candice Renoir could not meet Alex Hugo. We will see if they will actually meet. I really like Cecile Bois. She is an excellent actress. When we were 20, we acted in René Féret films. It was funny, we played young lovers. It would be a lot of fun for me to meet again. “ If two of the flagship series of France Télévisions were to be found during a cross-over, the public could only be doubly there.

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