Alex Ubago’s concert changes date and location again before the closure of Arena Perú

Spanish singer-songwriter will perform a single concert in Peru.
Spanish singer-songwriter will perform a single concert in Peru.

On the afternoon of this Thursday, November 24, through social networks, the producer in charge of the concert of alex ubago released a statement announcing that the show has undergone a new change. The artist was ready to perform this Thursday at the Sand Perubut due to its closure it had to look for another location.

In the beginning, the Square Sand It was the chosen place to perform with his Peruvian public, but due to some lack of coordination this will not be possible. That is why it has been announced that the date for this Friday November 25, now in the Amphitheater of the Parque de la Exposición.

“It is our duty to inform that due to the events that occurred in Arena Perú and despite making an effort to change the venue to Plaza Arena, now the indisposition of permission and authorization of shows by the Municipality of Surco is added. This forces us to change the day and location of the concert to the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater for tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.

New statement about Alex Ubago.
New statement about Alex Ubago.

After the incident presented in the Juan Luis Guerra’s first concert, held this Tuesday, November 22 at the Sand Peru, thousands of followers of alex ubago They expressed their concern about the development of their show scheduled for tonight.

However, through a release Publicly shared on their social networks, the promoting company of the Spanish artist, informed that the show will take place This Thursday, November 24, but with a change of location.

In the first instance, the recital of the interpreter of well-known themes such as “Without fear of anything”was going to materialize in the well-known local located in the jockey clubwhich was closed a few hours ago after complaints about excessive capacity in the first presentation of the Dominican singer.

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East scandal that became a trend in social networks and in the various media, seeing that so many people were in danger because they did not even have space to locate the signs for the emergency exits, brought into play the development of various events scheduled for the next few days.

They change location for the concert of the Spanish singer.
They change location for the concert of the Spanish singer.

For this reason, through a letter, it was announced that the concert of alex ubago It’s confirmed for tonight. “Due to the closure of Arena Perú for its last event, we have been forced to change the location to Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club door 4. We are waiting for you to enjoy the best songs from your 20-year tour. The zones and locations are respected”, they indicate in the document.

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Alejandro Martinez de Ubago Rodriguez, known by his stage name as Álex Ubago, is a Spanish pop music singer-songwriter, who became popular in 2001 with the release of their debut album What do you want?, which was highly requested in Peruvian stations.

From the aforementioned album, the song «Without fear of anything» a duet with Amaia Monterowas one of the most outstanding, managing to position himself as one of the international performers most in demand by young Peruvians who are passionate about ballads and pop.

Currently, the 41 year old artist, has been touring various countries with a special tour for the 20 years of his musical career. Alex Ubago is already in Lima and a few hours ago he was in the set of “Más espectaculos” as part of his promotions where he was interviewed by ‘Crash’ Mandros Y Jasmine Pinedo.

Spanish artist has a meeting with his fans tonight at Plaza Arena.
Spanish artist has a meeting with his fans tonight at Plaza Arena.

On the other hand, the place that has generated controversy in the last hours due to what happened in the first presentation in Lima of the Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerrrawas pronounced after being in the public eye for failing to comply with the capacity allowed by the authorities.

Through a statement issued on their social networks, confirmed the suspension of the show scheduled for Wednesday, November 23 and they also announced a restructuring in the company.

“With the aim of improving and guaranteeing a safe and quality experience for the attending public, Arena Perú announces that it will enter a restructuring process until further notice”, they point out in the first lines of the document.

“This pause will serve to develop the necessary improvements in the facility, taking into account the comments of the public and authorities,” they specified, however, They did not clarify about the upcoming concerts scheduled at their location.


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