Alexandra Rotan reveals details about the relationship

On Thursday, the very last season of the music program “Allsang på Grensen” started on TV 2. Alexandra Rotan opened the show with her own version of “The Final Countdown” from the top of Halden Fortress.

With a new boyfriend and exciting projects in sight, she tells TV 2 that life is at its peak.

You’ve never seen “The Final Countdown” before

Plays in the same band

– I’m got my girlfriend. That is very nice. He is absolutely fantastic, so I am very happy during the day, she says to TV 2.

She confirms that they met at work.

– We play in the same band, so it’s fun, she says to TV 2 and continues:

– It is very new, and I have been very determined that I will not share so much of my private love life. It’s not certain he will be in the spotlight like me. But, we’re having a great time together.

PLAYING IN THE SAME BAND: Alexandra Rotan confirms that she met her boyfriend at work, but the new flame is not one of the front figures in KEiiNO. This is where the group for “Allsang på Grensen” performs last year. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

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Alexandra grew up at Eidsvold works, where she recently bought her first apartment.

– I have lived there a little before, but now I have bought it. I am very happy and feel that it gives some adult points. There is a lot of responsibility, but I think it is very big. Now it is fully refurbished and I will do it in my own style. It will be good to have your own place.

– You live alone … or?

– I live alone, there are many who wonder about it during the day.

Reveals solo future

The young artist is best known as a vocalist in the group KEiiNO, which among other things played on the international stage in the “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2019, where they finished in 6th place. Now she reveals that the future offers a solo project.

– We work with a lot of new things all the time, it could also be that I will sniff at a small solo project eventually as well.

She does not want to reveal what the project entails, but emphasizes that she will continue as a vocalist for KEiiNO.

– In a way, I want to do something solo in parallel with KEiiNO, so KEiiNO exists, but we must also start cultivating Alexandra Rotan.

A hectic summer ahead

Alexandra describes herself as a fixture on “Allsang på Grensen”. This year is the last season, which she thinks is sad.

– I think it’s a little sad that it’s over, but it’s extra cool that I’m allowed to open the whole last season. It will be a party and I will stand on the mountain and sing, it will be real rock´n roll.

This week she stood alone on the “Allsang på Grensen” stage, but on July 13 she returns to the fortress, together with KEiiNO. She admits that the days are hectic.

LIFE SMILES: Alexandra Rotan shows off her nails that have been decorated in connection with Pride where KEiiNO played in Pride Park, Oslo on Wednesday night.  Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

LIFE SMILES: Alexandra Rotan shows off her nails that have been decorated in connection with Pride where KEiiNO played in Pride Park, Oslo on Wednesday night. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

– I like to work a lot, that’s how artist life is, and I love it. This is what I have been dreaming about for many years. So the fact that it’s hectic, I just think it’s delicious.

The young artist also has a hectic summer ahead of him.

– I have lots of plans! I do not have much time off this summer and it’s a bit good, you have to somehow make up for lost time after the corona, so now it’s full milling, lots of work alone, and together with KEiiNO. I’m looking forward to.

– So it’s not so bad to work with your girlfriend?

– Hehe, no, it’s fine. It’s tip top!

With a hectic summer ahead, she also has many goals for the rest of the year.

– I might want to release some music alone, release lots of new music with KEiiNO, and continue to take one day at a time, and make a living from music. That’s what I love most so life is at its peak during the day, Alexandra concludes to TV 2.

Watch Allsang på Grensen every Thursday at 9.40 pm on TV 2 and TV 2 Play.

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