Alexandre Astier: how he missed the phone call from Thomas Pesquet live from the ISS (VIDEO)

Guest of C to you this Wednesday, November 24, Alexandre Astier revealed that he had unwittingly ignored the phone calls from Thomas Pesquet, who called him from the ISS to talk about the film Kaamelott.

The grail, finally. On Wednesday July 21, spectators could finally discover Kaamelott: first part, the highly anticipated film adapted from the cult series created by Alexandre Astier. But a big fan of the quirky adventures of King Arthur was able to discover the feature film a little earlier. Its director has indeed agreed to send a copy of his film to Thomas Pesquet while the astronaut was on a mission in the International Space Station. After validation by Nasa, Kaamelott was therefore screened in preview in space before arriving in theaters.

“Go and deny him something to Thomas Pesquet”

This Wednesday, November 24, while he was invited to C to you on the occasion of the DVD release of Kaamelott: first part, Alexandre Astier returned to the screening of the film in the ISS. I was asked nicely. Go and deny him something to Thomas Pesquet, it’s difficult! “ first amuses the director. Before explaining that the astronaut left with the series and that he received the film once on board the International Space Station. “And he must have seen it on a little machine like that” he then specifies, mimicking a very small screen. Curious, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then wants to know if at least Thomas Pesquet liked this cinema session weightless. Which earned him this incredible response from his guest: “I don’t know, I missed his call!”

Thomas Pesquet’s calls ignored by Alexandre Astier

Alexandre Astier then unveils a crazy anecdote about his exchanges with Thomas Pesquet around the film Kaamelott. “Can I tell you something that annoys me? When I receive a number on my phone that I do not know, I do not answer, like in my opinion a lot of us, because it’s often phone stuff, etc … So I don’t answer “, remembers the director. Except this time, it was absolutely not canvassing. Disgruntled, Alexandre Astier adds: “Well, that was him from the ISS!” Decidedly, Thomas Pesquet did not have much luck with his past calls from space since his phone calls were also ignored by Pierre Niney. Alexandre Astier did not however lose everything since the astronaut left him a message all the same, he reveals. But, months later, he still has It was hard to digest having missed this opportunity to communicate with the International Space Station. “It’s awful, awful. It’s just infuriating!” he concludes.

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