Alexis Vega regrets it and puts three conditions to sign for America

Alexis Vega regrets it and puts three conditions to sign for America

Alexis Vega He is ready to reappear with Club Deportivo Guadalajara this Saturday, March 18, in the National Classic against Club América, after being injured half of the regular season, since he has not played since date 2, with which he missed the last nine meetings.

Prior to this weekend’s confrontation, on media day the player got into trouble when answering if he would sign with América in the future, as his answer was not very well received by the chivahermanos.

The player indicated that he would agree to play with the Eagles if he had no other option to play, which was interpreted by many as a sign of a desire to play with the cream-blue team.

“They asked my brother (Henry Martín) the same question. This is the case of Oribe. He can offer America, if there is no other option for where to go to play… he is like you, they are in a medium and he arrives an offer from another, if it’s the only one they have, obviously they’re going to take it”

Alexis Vega.

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After the uproar that was made on social networks about his hypothetical signing with the creams, the player published in his Instagram stories three conditions to sign with another team. He made it clear that it will be “of Chivas until death“, so as not to generate false illusions among the cream-blue followers.

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