Alfa González allocates more than 17 million pesos to re-cover the Tlalpan neighborhood

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The mayor of Tlalpan, Alfa González Magallanes, along with neighbors of the Pedregal de San Nicolás neighborhood 2nd Section, kicked off the re-folding works, as well as the repair of sidewalks in this neighborhood.

Gathered in the streets Chemax y Tetiz, began the works in which it was indicated that in this neighborhood there are reports of “robbery to passersby, robbery from home, car theft, even other types of crimes such as rapes, armed robbery.”

Alfa González He indicated that the issue of paving is the third of the services with the highest demand requested by the inhabitants of Tlalpan, in the first place there is security and in second the water.

Likewise, he said that the economic resources come from a federal fund -FAIS- since the Participatory Budget would not reach “for a block, just for that it is about that we as a government use the resource in what you need, in this type of works that are much larger and that you can use the Participatory Budget in other things that interest you “.

The mayor of Tlalpan He pointed out that, in addition, in this neighborhood the public lighting will be replaced with LED technology luminaires, which consume up to 40 percent less electricity and have a long life of up to 10 years.

After mentioning the problem that there is due to lack of water and making a call to take care of it and not waste it, he mentioned: “Since yesterday we began to distribute drinking water pipes that will not have a cost, they are free and, if you have already paid a folio they will not be discounted; as soon as we have resources for pipes, you will also have that pipe ”.

He reported that today pipes will be delivered in Topilejo, and asked for the understanding of the neighbors because “we really do not have a resource for the issue of drinking water through pipes, that is why we are sharing them and making an effort to take it where it is most needed” .

He thanked the inhabitants of the neighborhood visited because “in these more than 20 days that we have been with this serious problem of lack of resources, they have had a lot of patience with us and that is why we have only to correspond and begin to generate concrete actions; the issue of water is vital, that is why today we started here from a commitment that we made on Saturday at the Mobile City Hall ”.

At the start of the re-folding works, Alfa González was accompanied by the general director of Works of the demarcation, Yuritzi Contreras, and the rest of the members of his cabinet.

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