Algeria – France: Goujil for a “dialogue” conducted “with your head held high”

The diplomatic crisis between Algiers and Paris is the favorite subject of several political figures in Algeria as in France. Today, November 25, 2021, it is the President of the Council of the Nation, Salah Goujil, who returned to the complicated nature of Algerian-French relations, following a session devoted to the vote, which ended with the adoption of the new finance law.

From the height of his 91 years, the President of the Senate, Salah Goujil, looked at what he called a “Colonizer’s lobby”. This lobby was formed, according to the same speaker, in France, following the end of the Algerian war. The parliamentarian also indicated that relations between Algeria and France “Must be clarified”.

Goujil castigates a “Colonialist France”

Goujil notably declared that colonialist France and its constituents did not disappear after the end of the Algerian War. According to him, the colonizer has reconstituted in France “In the form of parties, lobbies and associations, formerly concealed, but recently decided to allow themselves to emerge”.

The President of the Senate also spoke about the current relations between Algeria and France. According to him, “A number of relations linking Algeria to other countries must be clarified, in particular relations with France”. He adds that the campaign for the next presidential elections in France “Is primarily settler-oriented.”

The man at the head of the upper house of the Algerian parliament also indicated that Algeria “Distinguishes between the French people and the French occupation”, and that she “Did not wage war on the French people, but on the French occupation”.

Algeria – France: “Important relationships”, according to Goujil

This passive warrior and these neocolonialist lobbies did not prevent Salah Goujil from qualifying relations between Algeria and France as“Important”. Indeed, the president of the senate declared that the strong Algerian community established in France means that the two countries are linked by “Important relationships”.

According to Goujil, it is necessary to take into account the Algerian diaspora installed in France, qualifying, at the same time, the approach of President Tebboune and that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, of “Correct”.

Finally, Gouji believes that “When the Algerian party engages in dialogue, it always leads it with its head held high”, he concluded. It should be remembered that the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves le Drian, recently called upon to build a solid partnership between France and Algeria.

Morocco: visit by Israeli Defense Minister irritates Goujil

In recent weeks, the diplomatic conflict between Algeria and the Moroccan kingdom has begun to take dangerous military contours. After the episode of the three Algerians murdered in Western Sahara, Morocco welcomes the Israeli Minister of Defense.

This is yet another provocation, rise up several voices in Algeria, who have already constantly denounced the dangerous rapprochement between the Moroccan kingdom and Israel. A rapprochement which gave rise to a visit by the Israeli minister to Morocco, criticized from all sides.

Senate President Salah Goujil is currently the only official political figure to speak out about the controversial visit. The president of the senate, after the vote on the new finance law, also recalled that the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs has already dared to threaten Algeria from Morocco.

“Algeria is targeted”, according to Goujil

Goujil says that if it was a visit from the Minister of Tourism or the Economy, “It seemed that relations already existed before with Israel, even if they were hidden”, but there, he protests, it is about the Minister of Defense, which gives another dimension to the problem.

According to Goujil, “When the Israeli Minister of Defense comes and visits Morocco, it is Algeria that is targeted.” This finding pushes the President of the Senate to denounce the attitude of Morocco.

“Where are our brothers? Where is the Arab world? Where are our Palestinian brothers? “, declares Goujil, who adds that Algeria’s position has not changed, that it has supported and that it will always support the independence of Western Sahara.

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