Algeria travel: top 7 of the best coastal cities

Long with its 1600 km of coastline, the Algerian coastline is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Many cities and resorts are scattered from east to west of Algeria, ready to welcome every summer, local and foreign vacationers eager for a change of scenery.

Not to mention the big cities of Algeria, the small coastal towns and some municipalities of the country, despite their small size, arouse great interest and a lot of curiosity from travelers during the summer. The following list is that of the best small coastal towns in Algeria to absolutely visit during the holidays.

El Kala

Located in the wilaya of Taref, the city of El Kala is the most extreme city of Algeria. Built on rocks, the constructions extending over the entire slope overlooking the sea, it has a coastline of 35 km, including countless beaches as sumptuous as each other.

The town also has a salt lagoon named; El Mellah lake, and two freshwater lakes: Tonga and Oubeïra lakes. All three have been designated wetland sites of international importance by UNESCO.

If you take a tour of the El-Kala museum, you can contemplate the archaeological pieces that trace the history of El-Kala and that of all of Algeria.


Collo is located in the northeast of the country, stuck between sea and mountains, 70 km west of Skikda, it is located in a beautiful setting. Intoxicating all its visitors with its superb coves where the waters are turquoise blue, its aureolin sand beaches as well as its long promenade which faces the Baie des Jeunes Filles where it is pleasant to stroll.

We must also not forget the very famous sardine festival which praises the city where every year, during the first week of July, the whole of Collo is transformed into a giant maritime theatre, which will delight lovers of Pisces.

Beni Ksila

The very famous town located 50 kilometers from the wilaya of Béjaia and which bears the name of the Berber king Aksil is today an essential place for holidaymakers visiting the region.

With its splendid beaches, its calm atmosphere, its spirit both turned towards the sea and the mountains, and the warm welcome of its inhabitants imbued with a strong local Berber culture, the small town of Beni Ksila always knows how to sneak into the hearts of its visitors and find a place there even after their departure.


Very well known to Algerians, Tigzirt is a coastal town in Kabylia located 30 km from Tizi-Ouzou. With its city center embedded between the sea, beaches, promontory and hills that surround it, the city of the islet, in Berber, experiences a large influx of tourists each summer.

Also highly appreciated for the beauty of its natural landscapes, the remains of the Roman city almost 2100 years old. And the Byzantine basilica, and accumulating Roman buildings still erected, damaged remains, and fields of ruins from the same period largely present on its territory.


The thousand-year-old town of Dellys, whose inhabitants are known by the nickname “Houistate”, has the most attractive tourist potential. Given its strategic location on the northeast side of the wilaya of Boumerdès, it has a dual vocation, maritime and mountainous.

It is a region with various assets between beaches, hikes, historical sites like its old Casbah, etc. It is a tourist center par excellence with a dual vocation that makes it a heavenly citadel, giving it the status of an attractive tourist hub in the wilaya.


Located in the wilaya of Chlef, 260 km west of Algiers, Ténès occupies the site of the ancient Roman and Punic Cartennae. This marvelous coastal town is highly regarded by vacationers. Indeed, the coastal road drawn by the East Dahra cornice, between Ténès and Cherchell, over 105 km, the path overlooked by the wooded Dahra massif and the green hills, attracts thousands of tourists every summer.

Cliffs, fine sandy beaches, waterfalls and beautiful encounters await you. A splendid site whose gaze will never be tired, all along this turquoise coast. Add to that unmissable sites, such as the mausoleum of Mama Binette, Dar El Bey Moncef of Tunis, the mosque of Sidi Maiza.

Ain El Turk

Aïn El Turk is a seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea, located west of the wilaya of Oran, in the northwest of Algeria.

The bay of Aïn El TurK, between Cap Falcon to the northwest and the tip of Saint Roch to the southeast, opens out over a length of approximately 8 km. The contact between sea and land is ensured by a discontinuous line of very beautiful beaches.

The agglomeration stretches between the main road and the bay, behind, an agricultural plain extends, and stretches to the south to the shale formations of the northern slope of the Murdjadjo mountain and that of Santon to the south. ‘is.

The city has a strong tourist and agricultural vocation and is an important seaside resort which includes several hotel buildings and tourist complexes. The main beaches of the city are those of Saint Roch, Trouville, Bouisseville and Paradis. The town is also home to the large Cap Falcon lighthouse, one of the best known on the west coast.

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